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Professional Sweeping Services

Blakes Chimney Sweeping Service have been sweeping and repairing chimneys for over 30 years. We take great pride as a company that still upholds traditional values and ethics while embracing modern equipment and methods.


We offer a superior service which ensures that our customers are happy and return to us year after year.

Chimney Sweeping


We sweep all solid fuel flues, (including all standard fireplaces, stoves and inglenooks). In addition, we sweep biomass, gas and oil flues.


We are trained to use Rodtech equipment which is the only award winning industry approved power sweeping equipment that is manufactured in the UK.

Stove Repairs and Maintenance

We check for any damage or signs of wear and tear to your stove and can undertake any relevant repairs or regular maintenance as required.


This includes rope seals, cracked or disintegrating firebricks, stove door glass etc.

Smoke Testing


We test the the chimney flue to ensure there is enough draw to make it work effectively.


We also check for leaks that could appear elsewhere throughout the flue.

CO2 Alarm Testing and Fitting


Having a carbon monoxide alarm is essential to ensure detection of life-threatening gases entering your living space.


Make sure you have a CO2 alarm fitted, whether you have a solid fuel, gas or oil appliance. We can fit and test CO2 alarms for you if requested.

Camera Inspections


We can undertake a CCTV inspection of your liner or chimney, identifying any problems that need resolving.

Bird Nest Removals

If you suspect you have a birds nest, we can remove it quickly and easily with our power sweeping equipment.


It is essential your chimney/flue is kept clear from any blockages so that gases can flow freely.



On completion of each sweep we issue a certificate to show that the chimney has been swept by a qualified and competent person.


On the certificate I will note down any observations and recommendations and discuss them with you.

Impartial Advice



We can offer you impartial and informed advice on any of your chimney/flue related matters.

We Cover

Our expert team cover a huge area, meaning that where ever you are you can benefit from the Blakes service.

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