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Stove Repairs

Don’t despair if your Stove has broken down, just contact our specialists. We provide superior Stove Repairs in Clacton, Walton, Frinton and surrounding areas, whilst adopting today’s modern equipment and techniques.


Our professional stove repairs are carried out by our fully qualified team, to deliver quality assurance and security.

About Stoves

Stoves are fantastic kitchen appliances, which bring together quality and design. They still embrace the traditional look, with many wood burning options still available.


Stoves produce an innovative cooking experience, as well as enhance your room with the cosy appliance addition.


If you're worried your stove has deteriorated, we can handle all types of tove repairs at affordable prices.

Why Choose us?

As part of our Stove Repairs, we carry out an inspection to check or any damage or signs of wear and tear to your stove. Our team will review and undertake any relevant repairs or regular maintenance as required to keep your stove functioning as originally.


This includes replacing rope seals, cracked or disintegrating firebricks, stove door glass etc.


To ensure the utmost swift Stove repairs, we make sure to carry all the essential maintenance and fire accessories.

If you are interested in our Stove repairs in Walton, please feel free to contact us by or phone 01255 427201. Our professionals will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

We Cover

Our expert team cover a huge area, meaning that where ever you are you can benefit from the Blakes service.

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