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Do Chimney Sweep Logs Really Work?

Every year, chimneys full of flammable material lead to hundreds of fires, putting lives at risk. Do chimney sweep logs offer a solution?

Do Chimney Sweep Logs Work?

Chimney sweep logs are a particular type of log designed to avoid the buildup of creosote, a variety of flammable material that can accumulate on the inside walls of chimneys after burning conventional fuels, like wood. These logs contain special additives which rise into the chimney cavity, preventing new creosote from forming. Chimney sweep logs minimise the accumulation of these dangerous creosote substances, allowing homeowners to go longer periods between sweeping their chimneys.

Chimney sweep logs, however, don’t provide full protection. Experts recommend that people still have their chimneys professionally cleaned regularly.

Do Chimney Sweep Logs Make Cleaning Easier?

There’s evidence that chimney sweep logs make the job of chimney sweeps easier. Creosote is a thick, oily and difficult-to-remove substance. Burning chimney sweep logs has the effect of drying it out, making cleaning easier and faster. Better cleaning means that sweeps can remove more of the material, making things safer for families and homeowners.

Chimney sweep logs don’t replace regular full annual inspections. Annual inspections are still crucial for letting you know whether you have cracks in your chimney, a bird’s nest, or some other issue that requires maintenance.

How Often Should You Use Them?

How often should you use chimney sweep logs? Not all that often at all. Experts say that chimney sweeping logs should be used every sixty fires or so. That works out at around once every two months in the winter and less often for the rest of the year.

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