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What Is A Wood Stove Inspection?

As simple as wood stoves can be, they can be prone to some problems that are dangerous to the health and safety of the home and those living in it. A wood stove inspection is a thorough examination to ensure the safety of the stove. This can include finding broken materials, cracks, creosote build-up, and inadequate installation.

What does it involve?

Inspecting wood stoves or wood burners involves looking for signs of wear and tear, build-up of potentially hazardous substances, and installation issues, such as if the diameter of the stove pipe or the dimensions of the hearth aren’t adequate enough to ensure that the heat and smoke produced aren’t effectively directed outside. It can also involve some routine maintenance as a standard part of the service, such as chimney sweeping.

Importance of wood stove inspections

Simply put, wood stoves can be dangerous if they’re not checked up on now and then. If it’s too close to combustibles, it can be a serious fire risk. Wear and tear can provide a window for sparks to jump out and start fires or can release carbon monoxide, a sometimes-deadly gas, into the home. Meanwhile, creosote, a flammable by-product of burning combustible materials, can build up. If a fire starts, this can melt and spread it out from the stove.

How often should they be inspected?

To be as safe as possible, you should inspect your stove at least once a year to make sure there’s no creosote build-up and that there’s no more wear and tear to worry about.

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