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Wood Burning Stove Regulations

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

What Is a Wood Burning Stove?

A wood burning stove (also called a wood burner) is a heating appliance that burns wood or wood-derived biomass fuel. It warms a property with a chimney that goes through the floors and outside, where the smoke and fumes can be released. Wood burning stoves are popular for people who want a traditional way to warm their home that can look beautiful and provide efficiency. The heat that a wood burning stove gives off warms an area quickly and can help to keep it warm for a long time.

What Regulations Exist for Installation?

If you want to install a wood burning stove, there are some regulations to consider. Firstly, when you choose a wood burner, keep in mind the Governments new goals and rules. The aim is to only have green stoves by 2020, and only those that meet the new green standards will soon be available. Using chimney sweeping services helps to keep your stove cleaner too. There are building regulations that are important too. Wood burning stoves require a class 1 chimney. An existing chimney needs to be checked for air tightness and the correct diameter. You must also have a battery-powered carbon monoxide detector with a lifelong battery.

How Much Does a Wood-Burning Stove Cost?

Wood burning stoves can range in price. On the cheaper end, you can buy a wood burner for around £250 to £300 or even a little less. More expensive stoves could cost £400 to £500 or more. It's also important to remember to take installation into account, which could cost around £2,000.

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