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How to Chimney Sweep

If you own a property with a chimney above regularly used open fire, then it’s important to sweep it out.

Byproducts from burning wood can build up along the interior surfaces of the stack and act as a potential source of fuel for a blaze. A chimney fire could put you and your family at risk.

If you don’t want to pay a professional chimney sweep to clean out your chimney for you, how do you do it yourself?

Gather Equipment

To clean your chimney, you’ll need a dust sheet, torch, chimney brush (that can go up to the top), mouth and hand protection, a vacuum, and a dust sheet.

Step By Step Sweeping Process

In general, people sweep chimneys from the bottom by inserting rods and pushing the brush upwards.

Start off by covering all valuables in your room with the dust sheets.

Then make sure that you have the right size equipment for the job.

Next, tape up the entrance of the fireplace to prevent soot from going everywhere.

Put on your protective clothing.

Start pushing the brush and rods up into the chimney through the protective sheeting you've placed at the mouth of the fireplace. Twist brushes clockwise to prevent the rods from undoing.

Keep pushing until you feel the brush pop out of the top of the chimney.

Bring the rod back down, ensuring that all the debris is removed from the inside of the chimney.

Remove the sheeting and vacuum up all the soot that has fallen.

Hopefully, if you’ve done the job correctly, all of the dangerous particles will have been removed.

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